by Georges Bizet

Act 1
Around 1820, in Seville, Spain, the most provocative gypsy, Carmen, is of all the girls at a place near a cigarette factory. There are a lot of men and women. She sings 'Habanera' and, she fascinates the young men there. But, only a soldier of the guard, Don Jose isn't interested in her. Carmen provocatively throws a flower to him, and leaves. The girls who went back to the cigarette factory, cause a quarrel. Carmen is to blame, and she is arrested. However, Carmen seduces the guard, Jose, and runs away.

Act 2
A month later, Jose who was imprisoned for letting Carmen slip away, has just been released, and he goes to meet her at a tavern. With that flower in his hand, He tells her his feelings. Carmen requires Jose not to report for roll call, but to stay with her. Jose is worried. He can't help himself to join the smugglers with her.

Act 3
Carmen's group members are smugglers. Jose later regrets his choice. Carmen is already in love another man, Escamillo who is a bullfighter. Then, Jose's childhood friend, Micaela, visits him. She informs him that his mother is seriously ill. Jose decides to go home. The following month, at the square in front of the bullfight arena, Escamillo who is Carmen's lover, is welcomed by spectators. He enters the arena. Carmen remains at the square, then, Jose appears. He demands she leave with him, but she refuses to. In rejection to his persistence, Carmen throws away the ring that Jose once gave her. Jose stabs her to death with a dagger, and he is then dumbfounded by his actions.

by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Act 1
In the 18th century, in Spain, this story takes place on the wedding day of Figaro and Susanna, Count Almaviva's servants. Figaro is surprised to hear Susanna's confession: she is being pursued by the Count. Figaro gets angry, and vows to foil the Count's intentions.

Act 2
Figaro plans his strategy. It is that Susanna will write to the Count agreeing to a rendevous, but they will send the adolescent page, Cherubino, dressed in women's clothes. Figaro and Susanna get the Countess's consent. When they are disguising Cherubino, the Count unexpectedly arrives. Unfortunately, Figaro's plan failed. Additionally, Marcellina, an elderly woman, appears there with her lawyer, Bartolo. They remind Figaro of the promise he made to marry Marcellina if he failed to pay back the loan she made to him. Figaro and Susanna's plans to marry seem to be lost.

Act 3
But a big new truth is revealed. That truth is that Figaro who was an abandoned baby, is the long-lost son of Bartolo and Marcellina. Figaro and his parents embraced each other. Then, Susanna joins them. Figaro and Susanna's plans to marry go ahead without interruption. Further Bartolo and Marcellina also marry, resulting in a double wedding. By the way, the Count... he continues to try seducing Susanna. The Countess is amazed at his foolishness. She decided that she would disguise herself as Susanna to meet him in the garden that night.

Act 4
That same night, the Count goes to meet Susanna in the garden of his mansion. He makes a move on his wife who is dressed in Susanna's clothes. The Countess can get evidence of his affair. Then, she reveals herself to him. The Count realizes that his lover is his wife, and is very surprised. However, the Countess forgives her husband who regrets what he had done.


by John Beckwith

The story, a parable of the deep-rooted, miraculous continuity of life, unfolds in a small-town Ontario house. Alice arrives there in search of her grandmother, Mrs Brown, whose daughter, Alice's mother, had broken the family tie years before. The meeting and forgiveness, and the resolution of the problems of various townsfolk, coincide with the mystical blooming of the cereus, a rare plant which flowers once in 100 years.

by Michael Rose

When a major client refuses to pay the bill, Helen's dress shop tumbles to the brink of ruin. Dare she call again on Robin, whose magical powers always come at a price? This comedic romp through a midsummer's day in small-town Ontario reimagines some of Shakespeare's most endearing characters and looks at the difficulty of seeing who we truly are - let alone who our loved ones truly are! And what does a hockey player have in common with a donkey? That is the key question.

Joseph Levesque as Don Jose and
Signa Love as Carmen
Margie Bernal (Salud) and Katherin Lewis (Grandmother) Xin Emily Ding (Elvira)

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