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from SOLT!

SOLT has always focused its attention on the artistic process and the advancement of the artistic impulse. And we believe that a career in the performing arts makes better sense when there is a working plan to follow.

Singers join SOLT for many reasons and not just because singers must sing: There is repertoire building, discovering new options, networking and career development, staying fit and nimble, honing the craft of learning and even adjusting a method of acting. All of these goals make superb logic. 

Spending the summer in their quest is sensible if the time is right and you are available. There is more, the SOLT 2023 Opera Workshop aims its super objectives at three great works for the stage:

  • Handel’s JULIUS CAESAR - Musical Director: Suzy Smith

  • Mozart’s DON GIOVANNI - Musical Director: Jo Greenaway

  • Poulenc’s DIALOGUES OF THE CARMELITES - Musical Director: Helen Becqué


The diversity of roles, the amazing variety of style, both vocal and dramatic, makes this SOLT summer a special one for your consideration. And finally, consider the wealth of masters lined up for master classes this summer: Colin Ainsworth, Kathy Domoney, Henry Ingram, Diane Loeb, Julie Nesrallah, Theodore Baerg and others.


Please put SOLT 2023 at the top of your priorities.


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